My cat’s been in a fight again
And, yet again, he lost.
I took him to the vets today
At quite substantial cost.

I don’t just mean financial
(Though that’s a hefty fee)
It’s more the stress and loss of
Time and dignity to me.

You see, he has a bad cut, so
He needs drops in his eye,
And then a daily tablet
Which is when the feathers fly!

The first tablet I gave him taught me
That my cat could spit!
He fired it back at me and
Promptly I was wearing it.

At first I was quite patient
But by the fifteenth time
I was frustrated, not to mention
Covered in his slime.

So then I tried a crafty move,
A cunning taste disguise;
I used some tuna-fish to hide
The tablet from his eyes.

I thought hiding the tablet was
A rather clever trick!
Not so: I soon regretted it
When covered in his sick.

Next came the gentle, kind approach
Hand feed a special treat,
And hide the tablet deep within so
He will gladly eat.

How wrong, my cat’s a tease you know
He ate the complete lot
But did the tablet disappear?
You’ve guessed it – it did not!

That lonesome tablet on my hand
Has left a bitter taste
It seemed the time and money spent
Would be a complete waste.

Surprisingly, the time came
When I caught my cat off guard:
A momentary swallow
Quickly ended the façade.

At last the trauma over
I sighed with great relief
Until tomorrow when, again,
I must relive the grief!

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