Shhh! We must be quiet
Whilst on our nature trail.
Look and listen carefully
To spot a poet’s tale.

  Look! I saw a poet.
There goes another one!
They’re curious little creatures
So full of life and fun.

  They vary much in nature;
Some can be quite scary
With screwed up little faces
And fingers that are hairy.

  Others don’t like company
They’re rarely seen outside.
They beaver shyly all alone
Like hermits they reside.

  I like the friendly ones the best;
They always have a smile
While scurrying in quiet groups,
And talking all the while.

  They notice all the pleasant things;
Record them all in word,
Highlighting to everyone
The things they’ve seen and heard.

  Let’s look for a new species
That’s not been spotted yet!
Is that one, in that school of kids
Or just a teacher’s pet?

  See! There goes another one;
It’s just climbed up a tree!
Quiet! Don’t disturb it now;
It’s looking back at me.

  Wow! This is exciting.
That one just flew right past.
It never even noticed us,
It’s going way too fast.

  I don’t know what that one is called
The species is brand new.
Although I think you’ll know it well-
I think you’ll find, its YOU!

  I’m hoping if I hang around
And maybe take a seat
You’ll read and write a poem
For my final treat.

  This nature trail’s over, but
The poets that I’ve found
All have a unique nature
And potential that abounds.


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