This is the third poem in a trilogy which will need to be read in order to understand the content. These are first and second.

Her Royal Majesty The Queen, Buckingham Palace London Dear Ma'am, I've heard it said that treason's still a hang-able offence! If so, prey tell me Majesty: Do I need a defence? I beg your royal pardon Ma'am. Excuse me, I was rude. It is your private business how you digest your food. I too, in your position, know that I'd feel disinclined to answer such plain trumpery, so vile and unrefined! I'm really very sorry Ma'am. Of course, I didn't mean to question the decorum of Your Majesty the Queen. I wouldn't want my wondering to cause a royal stink. Please see my desperation and don't slam me in the clink! And I regret now thinking that you ever would expel a common, crude emission that would cause a royal smell. In hindsight I can see that your behaviour is austere, and so I know you never would pollute the atmosphere. You shouldn't have had to answer me, I always should have known: It is your royal business what you do upon the throne! Please, Majesty, forgive me. I'll remain forever loyal. I will refrain, I'll never deign to question all things royal. Your loyal servant and your friend, on this matter, this is THE END. With humble and esteemed respect, ever your faithful subject.

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