Have you ever thought of what a weird world it would be,
If the sea became the sky, and the sky became the sea?
Just think; if you fell from a cliff you’d land down in the sky,
And even as you tumbled there’d be fishes swimming by!

In fact, before you jumped you would have had to hold your breath;
As on the cliff, up in the sea, drowning could cause your death!
You couldn’t have stayed up there long (you would have had to swim)
Unless a friendly shark passed and you got a ride with him!

We even could imagine stranger concepts if we try;
Maybe fish below were flying, as above the birds swam by.
In this topsy turvy world, our feathered fishy friends
Would migrate north, to worse weather, the moment winter ends.

Let’s not forget the polar bears sunbathing out in Spain,
And the smooth cacti growing upon the luscious desert plain.
It’s begun to hurt my head now, I’m getting quite confused:
I am so glad this job’s not mine as I am so bemused.

Thankfully, in his wisdom God did not give me the role
Of creating all the world to work together as a whole.
I haven’t got beyond the mystery of the deep blue sea
And yet, already, the whole mix has completely thrown me.

Considering this, I think the world’s the best that it could be
The more I think about it, it’s very clear to see
That the world was carefully made and put together with a plan,
One that cannot be denied by the dismissive thoughts of man.

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