I’d like to hear your story
I’m interested; it’s true!
For I have never, nor will ever
Meet another YOU!

Please write about your interests
Or personal expectations
Your life, your passion, hopes and skills
And all your limitations.

You’re fascinating, honestly
For deep inside your head
Are trillions of interesting
Things you’ve never said!

Please tell me of your home-life,
Your family or best friend
Share all your inner feelings
So I can comprehend.

I want to know your every thought;
To hear all your advice.
Poetically, tell me
(Whilst keeping it concise!)

What do you think is rubbish?
Is life for you just rosy?
Or should I simply go away?
Then tell me: “Don’t be nosey!”

Potential response …

Why can’t you keep your nose out?
You really are a pest.
I won’t answer your questions,
I want to have a rest!

I'd love to hear what you think. Please leave a message in my