Down stone steps the two boys crept
Past nets of webs where spiders slept.

Sophie Barley Class 3 aged 7

Dear, dear, You’re so rare
I’d easily save you from a grizzly bear
The brightest star in the sky
Is the mighty twinkle in your eye
You’re so amazing you keep me dazing.
Quicker than a cheetah
That’s my heart racing when I meet ya
I love you true
Hoping you love me too.

Connor Aged 8

Connor, this could be a verse in a valentine's card! You've used some fabulous metaphors: I love "The brightest star in the sky" and your description of the heart racing. You've used a clever bit of 'poetic license' with your rhyme for cheetah too. Well done Connor!

All the leaves are turning brown
Up above and swirling around
Trees swaying in the breeze
Underground the badgers squeeze
Making ready for the freeze
Now it’s autumn, we all sneeze.

Emelia Inez Young Class 5 Aged 9

I am really impressed Emelia that you've managed to rhyme an acrostic; that's a real challenge. Even more impressive is the fact that you've not just rhymed for the sake of it, but have described autumn so well. I love the line "Making ready for the freeze" A fantastic poem Emelia, well done!