Thank you for your patience and encouragement!

My first collection of poems is now published!


Hi, it's lovely to meet a likeminded person!

If you've read "About me" you will know that I am just an ordinary wife and mum who happened upon poetry in June 2008 at my son's school poetry morning. I got a taster of a few different poem forms, and started writing from there. I learned everything at Primary school level (aged 7 to 11 years), and referred to my children and to the internet to answer my specific questions if I wasn't sure about something.
This website is my attempt to put everything that I have learned and enjoyed together so that you can become self-taught with less of the internet searching that I did!

My experience has shown me that all I really needed to know to get started is the basics as they are taught to primary children, with just a few extras. These are the details that I have put together on the teachers' pages so that they can teach them effectively to children. Therefore, please consider yourself a teacher (of self) and learn by following the examples that I have organised, all of which lead from the master Teachers' Page, but which are also listed opposite. The contents/site map will be helpful too to find anything specific. Remember that, as I write for teachers also, these pages are dual purpose but, having learned the way I have, I know that the children's activities are just as beneficial to a beginner.

The poetry index provides direct links to all of my poems individually, so if you would simply enjoy reading them without all of the teaching, just go direct.

One final really handy hint....

Follow the link below for details of Poetry workshops held at my local primary schools.