In my house I am the boss,
You will do as I say.
When I say it’s time to play
It’s simple; you obey!

When I want to go outside
You will open the door,
And when I come back home for tea
Then you’ll feed me some more.

When I say the time is right
You will show me affection.
You’ll cuddle me and idolise
My absolute purrrrfection.

When I want my time alone
You will give me my space.
When you clearly want the same
Then I’ll be in your face!

Try to read your newspaper;
I’ll tear it from your hand!
You can’t have your own hobbies,
I’m sure you understand.

I’m the all important one,
The world revolves round me!
You may ask Cleopatra,
I’m sure she would agree.

Now we’ve got that crystal clear
I’ll grace you with my paws;
I’d love to share my home with you,
Despite your many flaws.

So come and get to know me,
Come in and have a chat.
I’m very pleased to meet you.
I am your new pet cat!