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Blends the traditional nativity with a modern day Christmas Eve while Santa (or Saint Nicholas) is busy delivering gifts.  


Set in an excitement filled child’s bedroom, Grandpa reads a bedtime story (the nativity), which is all acted out in small rhyming speaking parts, including Herod as a ‘pantomime villain’ character.


Songs include my own words to the music of:


We wish You a Merry Christmas

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

Oranges and Lemons

Children of Jerusalem (the tune of a simple children's Easter hymn)


Plus my own simple, and catchy "Santa's Song"










Click here for a preview of parts of the script...



(Grandpa's Nativity Story is a brand new script for 2011, written in response to requests from those who have already used the Children's Nativity Story script.)

My nativity plays can be bought from my sister site




Written entirely in rhyme and rhythm, using narration and have ...


Lots of small speaking parts to make everyone feel special.  


They last approximately 25 minutes, are...


 deliberately adaptable so that they .....


can be used for any size cast from 10 to 90, and ....


are easily recast at short notice as the script is very much led by the narration. 


I use popular and familiar tunes which I add my own simple words to, so there are


no ongoing licence fees no matter how often you use the script or songs.


Both nativity scripts are INSTANTLY DOWNLOADABLE for just £9.95 each,

from my sister site                                                                      and

include FREE midi music files to play through a computer as backing tracks if you choose to.


I use a simple format which includes a column for your directing notes (I have been directing nativity plays for years at my own church, and always end up with scrawls on my script!)


Finally, there is also the unprecedented option to upgrade and ....

receive the actual adaptable word document for just £2 more.

(This enables you to reduce or lengthen the script, use alternative songs, add actors names etc and then print it EXACTLY AS YOU NEED IT: invaluable when it comes to giving out lines for children to learn, and copying scripts to distribute.)


Here are the two choices of nativity script.......

Tells the traditional nativity story in rhyme with some gentle humour, including small speaking parts for the usual characters.  


Songs include the words and music for:


Away in a Manger &

We wish you a merry Christmas


and my own words to the music of....


Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star,

The Virgin Mary had a Baby Boy,

Jingle Bells,


Plus my own "Donkey's Journey song (very simple and catchy)..


Click here for tune..



  According to feedback received it has been very successfully used in primary schools, churches, pre-school, beavers colonies, and stage schools across the world with casts of between 10 and 90, and even with an all-adult cast, so it is genuinely adaptable to individual needs!


Click here for a preview of parts of the script...


and here to read the feedback from customers.....

Children's Nativity Scripts

One final bonus!

Poetry Index Children's Nativity Story Preview customer feedback

Children's Nativity Story

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As each country has it's own Christmas tradition regarding Santa, I have written "Saint Nicholas" alternatives to all relevant lines in the script, and made any mention of Rudolf and the sleigh optional.  The final page of the preview demonstrates these alternatives.

Grandpa's Nativity Story preview

The Nativity Roll Call poem is available as a free gift even if you choose not to buy either script.

FINALLY, I have rounded the "Grandpa's Nativity Story" off with an adaptation of the "Nativity Roll Call" poem which is written specifically for the characters in this script (all variations and combinations are covered).  It allocates every child a small rhyming couplet and an opportunity to take a bow.  

One final bonus!

Children's Nativity Story Preview Grandpa's Nativity Story preview

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FINALLY, I have rounded the "Children's Nativity Story" off with a purpose written "Nativity Roll Call" poem which can be used with the script of any traditional nativity play, and allocates every child a small rhyming couplet and an opportunity to take a bow.  

Grandpa's Nativity Story



Have a great Christmas and thank you so much for all of your hard work with your own children's nativity.  I truly hope that it's a massive success.


God Bless

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