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This one has many different figurative elements and a worksheet too.

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My Schizophrenic Cat Striving for Success

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A Royal Apology Unashamed Blob Evacuee A Royal Pardon

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World War 2

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Bonfire Night

Queen Primary:WW2 Poems


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Alliteration Summary Alliteration Al Bad Behaviour:Alliteration Zoo Beautiful Butterfly Bonfire Night What Makes a Winner? A Rainbow Poem A Rainbow Poem Cattitude Worried for my Pussycat My Schizophrenic cat Seaside Senses Consonance Classes A Royal Pardon The Royal Reply Bradley Mulladley Muloon Good Morning little Snowdrop

Alliteration is a writing technique which I use very often in my poems, but the following poems are particularly good for recognising and highlighting the technique to children.  

The "Royal" poems are my personal favourites as they are packed with alliteration, assonance and consonance, and the kids love them!

An Unfortunate Poem Creative Writing Ideas Uninspired


Tudor Times Henry's Wives The Real Henry VIII Worlds Outside my Window Wish World Topsy Turvy World Poem for the Teacher

See Tudors below right...

Nursery Rhymes

Alternative Nursery Rhymes Laughter & Progress BFF Traditional Nursery Rhymes Who pushed Humpty

Rather than duplicating so many of my poems in this index, see also "silly poems from my imagination" at the top right of this page

The School Caretaker Similes and Metaphors Gran and Grandpa's sayings My Schizophrenic Cat Seaside Senses Sights&Sounds Bonfire Night Onomatopoeia Personification Hyperbole Dancing Leaves Tears of Rain Sounds&Sights Bonfire Night Seaside Senses Good Morning Little Snowdrop The Sun Waiting for the Evening Bus Tudor Times Tears of Rain Millicent the Millipede

The poems marked with "W" have a worksheet too.





Word Play A Wii Celebration A Poetic Nature Trail Henry's Wives Newspaper Word Play Word Play Jokes Game Healthy Food Striving for Success My Mum's Menagerie Things are Looking Sideways

Poems demonstrating word play...

Some games to have fun with word play...

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Also full of alliteration

ABC of Tudor Times ABC of Tudor Times My Tudor Research Henry the Eighth's Wives Tudor - Rich and Poor Tudor - Rich and Poor From Prince to King Rotherham Ambassador


Bonfire Night Christmas Nativity Scripts Nursery Rhyme Harvest HARVEST- perfomance poem Thanksgiving Song Harvest Poems&Songs Picturing Autumn Thoughts


Picturing Autumn Thoughts Ashwood Primary

Free Subject Choice

Bonfire Senses Poem

Ryecroft Infant School Rosehill Junior School

Free Subject Choice

Mothers Day Poems&Songs My Homebaked Mum Someone Special You're My Mum/Special

Brand new Mothers day poems under "Poems arranged by subject" in the right hand column


A Healthy Food Rainbow


Swinton Queen Primary Our Safe Place