I’ve packed my clothes;my Sunday best
(There is no room for all the rest)
I’ve packed my memories in my head
At night, I‘ll share them with my ted
I’ve left my home, my own bedroom
I’ve left the smell of Mum’s perfume
I’ve left my Mum, she had to stay
I wish she’d come with me today.
I’ve left my bike, my pride and joy
I couldn’t bring my favourite toy
I’ve left my friends, and all I know
I wish I didn’t have to go.

Thinking of the moment when a child was evacuated to the country, I tried to put all of the thoughts and feelings into this shape poem.
An evacuee would have had so little space and time to organise their future life possessions, whilst leaving behind so much of themselves, so I used this idea to keep my poem to a minimum.

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