I love the simplicity of this rhyming poem, and the fact that Lewis has managed to achieve a rhythm to his poem. The adjective 'heavenly' has a lovely double meaning which works so well with this subject. Noticing the patterns of the moon is a good close observation, a skill which helps to make poems more interesting to the reader. WELL DONE LEWIS

Your next challenge Lewis is to make your verses rhyme in the same places. It's called the rhyming pattern, and I'll be adding some teaching pages on it in the next few weeks.

A Tip for you:
The shorter lines can be easier to keep rhythm, but harder to find an appropriately rhyming word that fits in time. With a nonsense poem of course, the rhyme doesn't have to be quite so appropriate!

This is a great little verse, which was originally part of a longer poem, but stands alone so nicely. It has a lovely rhyme and rhythm to it, and paints an amusing picture for the reader. WELL DONE ABBY

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