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  6. Hi. Just wanted to say that I found you alphabet poem about World War 2 and shared it with my homeschool poetry class. We all think it is brilliant and alphabet poems are extremely difficult to write. The poem truely conveyed riveting and emotional imagery. Loved it.

    (Posted on 2017-03-03 12:03:00 by Olivia Carson)
  7. you smell

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  8. Dear Angela,
    I enjoyed meeting you today, and I have written a poem about Humpty Dumpty:

    Humpty Dumpty drank some honey,
    Humpty Dumpty Dumpty was very funny,
    Humpty Dumpty made some honey,
    so he could get some money..

    I hope you like it.

    (Posted on 2015-06-24 15:30:00 by Emma Jarman)
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  13. Hi, I'd just like to say thank-you - i discovered your site today and just love your mother's day song! :-)

    (Posted on 2015-03-10 19:32:00 by Debra)
  14. It is so cool i got an A star for my GCSE just cos of you

    (Posted on 2015-03-07 12:11:00 by MARLON)
  15. My Daughter and I are working on a Project about WW2 and I think this poem really should be part of it.It is amazing and both of us enjoyed it very much, Thankyou.

    (Posted on 2015-02-09 23:21:00 by Karen Burton)
  16. Dear Angela,
    your poems are amazing!
    I do think that the lined background is very busy so maybe you could change it to a plain colour:-). and the poem you wrote on wonderment and awe was very useful to me.
    Thank you very much!

    (Posted on 2014-10-08 09:39:00 by Jess)
  17. Angela: If you ever give up writing poems for children and bringing them such fun, the world will surely die a sad death. I remember when we both practised our writing on the Great Writing website and it was obvious to everyone that you had a special gift. Do keep up your writing and I'll keep up mine also. Josie Whitehead

    (Posted on 2014-09-09 21:07:00 by Josie Whitehead)
  18. Hey Angela! i havent really been on this for a while! im now in year 9... time goes so fast! im now a dancer and have been for a while but getting better each and everyday! i still write poems just not as often but i still love this site and i will never forget i! thankyou for been such an insperation to me!

    love chelsea x

    (Posted on 2014-07-21 17:17:00 by chelsea marsden)
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  21. hello nice to meet you here!!! thank you very much

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  25. Hi just been reading your poems I really like.

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  31. We have used this to encourage a lady who has experienced sexual abuse and doesn't have a good opinion of herself. It will help and bless her......Thank you for making it available to be used.....Neil

    (Posted on 2013-12-23 10:33:00 by Neil Barkworth)
  32. Hi Pat,
    Thank you for letting me know. It's great to know that my poems are being used in this way. "Creation" is amongst the 'Good' poems in my book "The Good,, The Mad, and The Ugly" and it works well alongside another called "Topsy Turvy World" which has a more zany approach to the topic.

    God bless

    (Posted on 2013-10-10 17:31:00 by angela)
  33. Hi just been reading your poems I really like the one called creation I am doing a reading in church this Sunday and have chosen this poem. I think it has something for everyone a very pleasant poem and so very true. God Bless Pat

    (Posted on 2013-10-04 10:09:00 by patricia jenkins)
  34. Hi Ramona,
    Thanks for the lovely feedback; glad you like the site. Make sure that you pass on the website address as it is the new site that I am building and I am only adding new poems to that site from now.
    God bless

    (Posted on 2013-09-16 17:22:00 by Angela)
  35. Hi Debbie,
    I don't know which poem you mean. Please let me know as, if there is a poem that schools are unhappy about, I would genuinely like to be aware which one it is and I shall make sure not to transfer it to my new site. Many schools use my website and no-one has ever suggested that anything is inappropriate before, so I would genuinely like to know. None of my poems contain swearing or anything more than childish toilet humour, but if something offends I would rather not use it.
    Thank you

    (Posted on 2013-09-16 17:17:00 by Angela)
  36. This poem is not appropriate. My kids went on this site and now they say it all the time - they said it in school, and got.....EXPELLED!

    (Posted on 2013-09-16 14:58:00 by Debbie)
  37. Hi Angela,
    First, I want to tell you I adore your website! It is very appealing to children and to those of us who are in their second childhood. :)
    Second, a co-worker of your husband's and mine in Belgium, gave me your website address. I work for the same company your husband does but only in Ellwood City, Pennsylvania, US. He thought I would like your poems and he was right!
    I too am a writer, not of poetry, although I do have a few, but of sci-fi, fantsy for young adults. I am in the process of developing my web page. You have given me some ideas. I like the freshness and how happy your page is. I am going to have my granddaughter, Eden, take a look at your site. I know she will like it as well.
    I will be returning!

    Ramona Roush

    (Posted on 2013-09-13 10:54:00 by Ramona Roush)
  38. Thank you so much everyone for all of your comments; as ever you make sharing my poems feel so worthwhile. I am so sorry that I haven't been on my guestbook for a while, but I have been working on a new, improved site which will make it much easier for you to enjoy my poems, and much easier for me to keep adding them as I write. I still have lots more to add, but please start getting used to using it in the meantime at All of the information from this current site has been transferred so I will now only add new material to the new site, and will eventually replace the old site when word has got around!
    Thanks again for making it worth doing: you've all earned it!
    God bless

    (Posted on 2013-08-31 14:04:00 by angela)
  39. Hiya Angela,

    i havent been coming on the website for long but its only because i have been busy about comp and everything. anyway i hope you have been doing good and i hope i will see you again soon.

    chelsea x

    (Posted on 2013-06-06 20:12:00 by chelsea marsden)
  40. OOPS! Mistyped your name....

    (Posted on 2013-05-23 16:07:00 by Bryony)
  41. Hi there Anglea

    I HAVE JUST DISCOVERED YOUR WORDS!!!! Your poems are inspiring and I appreciate your open witness as a Christian. I have read and selected some poems for my children (yes I'm a teacher) to recite at the local Arts Festival.
    Thank you for sharing your talent and passion for poetry.
    Be blessed

    (Posted on 2013-05-23 17:06:00 by Bryony)
  42. Hi, Angela
    I like your website.
    Thank you!!!!!!!!

    (Posted on 2013-05-15 11:32:00 by Ted)
  43. I like your poem especially the one about the life cycle of a butterfly. One question: should it read surveyed instead of purveyed in first stanza? It makes more sense to me this way. If I am correct, could you revise it to read surveyed. I was planning on using it for a lesson on Monday. Thank you!!

    (Posted on 2013-04-25 19:53:00 by karen)
  44. Hi Rhianna,
    I'm so glad that you've found the site helpful; hope it's made your homework more fun too!
    "I'm Calling You" is a very personal poem, one that made me very emotional when I first wrote it, so I'm really touched that it means so much to you too. Thanks for letting me know.
    God bless

    (Posted on 2013-01-15 12:01:00 by Angela)
  45. Your website is helping me do my homework! Thank you so much. I really like the poem I'm Calling You. Thanks bye

    (Posted on 2013-01-12 15:21:00 by Rhianna)
  46. Hi Angela,
    Great to hear from you again, and I'm so glad that the children are enjoying the book; hope that you are reading them your poems too! Have a great Christmas and New Year.
    God bless

    (Posted on 2012-12-19 12:39:00 by Angela)
  47. Hi Chelsea,
    Thanks for your message. Have a great Christmas and New Year yourself, and make sure you write about it!
    God bless

    (Posted on 2012-12-19 12:37:00 by angela)
  48. I'm a very inspired fan of yours now and love your book Angela. Thank you for your very kind words and gifts with my purchase. Your book has already more than earned it' s worth in my lessons. The children love me to read to them from it. My daughter loved the book too when she sneaked a peep of it so I have just ordered another copy to pop into her Xmas Stocking. She is a teacher too and so I know your poems will reach even more youngsters as I'm certain she will use it in her lessons too.
    Have a good Christmas Angela. Looking forward to your next book. Regards, Angy Bullock.

    (Posted on 2012-12-17 01:09:00 by Angela Bullock)
  49. just saying hope you av a nice christmas this year i would say it later but i will bd busy xxx

    love chelsea xx

    (Posted on 2012-12-04 18:18:00 by chelsmarsden)
  50. Hi Angela.
    I've just found your website when looking for poems to intrroduce a 'Journey's' art lesson for Year 4.
    I came across Wish World - I love it. Perfect for the job, so full of imaginative ideas.
    Of course, I just had to go on to read more of your work. Loved all I read,and being a Christian myself I especially like your Christian poems.
    I've straightaway ordered your book and now can't wait to receive it.
    I like to write poetry myself (mainly children's) but have never had the courage to have them published so well done you for doing so.
    I will definitely be returning to your website for more inspiration in the future. Thank you. Angy B.

    (Posted on 2012-11-11 22:17:00 by Angela Bullock)
  51. Hi Sanjay,
    I don't know which poem you meant, but I'm really glad that your daughter loved it so much. Thanks so much for letting me know.

    (Posted on 2012-10-16 21:25:00 by Angela)
  52. Thanks Lynette for your encouragement. Both of those poems are quite special to me...Don't Worry, because I always need reminding not to, and The Garden Within because it was one of those inspired poems that I know I couldn't write again, so I read it every time like it's the first time I've read it!

    (Posted on 2012-10-10 10:00:00 by Angela)
  53. Hi Chelsea,
    So glad that you are still writing, and especially to hear that you are doing well at the comp. There must be lots of new writing material for you there. You know, I'd love to see one of your poems some time; you can email it to me by using the contact me option if I ever you would like to.
    Lovely to hear from you again.


    (Posted on 2012-10-10 09:58:00 by Angela)
  54. this was a really nice poem and my daughter really loved it thank you for it

    (Posted on 2012-10-09 20:47:00 by sanjay p jethwa)
  55. HI Angela !

    its been a long time since i have spoke too you but i am just letting you know that i am still writing pomes and i am doing brilliant at comp and i love it ! i hope we can still keep in touch xx

    Chelsea Marsden xxxxxxxxxx

    (Posted on 2012-10-07 20:03:00 by chelsea marsden)
  56. I thank God for blessing you with this wonderful gift of writing, i especially love Dont Worry, and the Garden within.

    (Posted on 2012-10-06 12:30:00 by Lynette Walkins)
  57. Hi Audrey,
    Thanks so much for getting in touch; I'd love you to use my poems that way. I have lots more than I have so far managed to get on the site. Could you maybe email me using the contact me option at the bottom of the page, so that I can reply direct when I understand better what kind of thing you are looking for: what specifically makes a good poem for elecution competitions, as I've never been asked that question before? For now, here are a few that might be effective. Find them via the poem index:
    Good Morning Little Snowdrop (A conversationary poem with the snowdrop, describing it with lots of human characteristics)
    Perspective (One of my favourites! It has different meanings to different people: perspective!)
    World War Two (Alphabet poem with lots of emotion and imagery)
    My Schizophrenic cat (Free verse with lots of contrasting metaphors)
    My Homebaked Mum (A performance poem I wrote for use at Mother's Day events)
    Laughter and Progress (A double meaning poem with a moral about having fun when learning)
    A Poem for the Teacher (A conversationary performance poem with some gentle humour. Need a good grasp of rhythm to make one of the jokes effective)
    What Makes A Winner (An encouraging performance poem)
    Hope that helps. let me know whether any of these will work for you, or if you're still looking and I'll send you some of the poems that I haven't had chance to put on the site yet.
    God bless

    (Posted on 2012-08-14 10:13:00 by Angela)
  58. Hey Angela,
    I think your poems are superb! Very touching and down to earth too, hope to use one or two. Do you have some ordinary poems that I could use for Elocution competitions? Thanks.

    (Posted on 2012-08-13 16:28:00 by Audrey)
  59. Hi Chelsea,
    So glad I got your message. Hope you had a great last day at school; really glad to have been able to see you all. Why not write some poems about your primary school before you forget all about it! All the best for your future at the comp.
    God bless

    (Posted on 2012-07-07 18:24:00 by Angela)
  60. Hi Angela,

    It is Chelsea from Ashwood and i am going up to comp on monday tomorrow which is Friday will be my last day in y6 and the school. I will really miss my school and i think i will proborly cry which isnt like me i want you to come up to comp one day or at least if i could see you. xxxxxx


    (Posted on 2012-07-05 19:10:00 by Chelsea Marsden)
  61. You're very welcome Linda; it's a pleasure to share. Thankyou for your encouragement.
    God bless


    (Posted on 2012-07-04 17:19:00 by Angela)
  62. Doing services for old people and children! Love your stuff! So easy to understand! It is a great gift from God! Thanks!

    (Posted on 2012-07-03 21:14:00 by Linda Fawkes)
  63. Doing services for old people and children! Love your stuff! So easy to understand! It is a great gift from God! Thanks!

    (Posted on 2012-07-03 21:14:00 by Linda Fawkes)
  64. Hi Abbie,
    Great to 'meet' a fellow poet, and even better to know that you enjoy my poems. Thanks so much for taking the time to encourage me: I hope I've inspired you a little. I'd love to read your poems too; why not email a couple to me via the 'contact me' option on the site. Are they the finished product, or would you want some editing tips or constructive advice? Email me if you get the chance, and don't forget to tell me if I'm talking to a child or an adult if you do want any constructive comments! If not, I'll just read for pleasure: no difficulty there!
    Thanks again for making contact
    God bless

    (Posted on 2012-06-20 23:16:00 by Angela)
  65. hi Angela,
    I absolutely love your poems....honest! I think you are really talented to be so great at writing poems and i think you're right about that poem ideas are everywhere and that you just don't know. I have written a few poems myself and would love to share them with you!!!!

    your sincerely,
    Abbie Malone.

    (Posted on 2012-06-20 19:08:00 by abigail)
  66. Hi Rhianna,
    Thanks for taking the time to leave such a lovely message. I'm so glad you like my poems. I'll keep writing and adding them to the site.

    (Posted on 2012-05-28 09:43:00 by Angela)
  67. Hi

    i want to make you know that your poems are BRILLIANT!

    yours sensirly Rhianna

    (Posted on 2012-05-27 09:10:00 by Rhianna)
  68. Hi everyone,
    I had lots of messages all at once so I have left everyone an indivudual message but you'll have to scroll back to find yours!
    God bless

    (Posted on 2012-05-21 12:13:00 by Angela)
  69. Hi Georgia,
    Great poem, you've inspired me....

    I don't like poems either, I dislike them a lot
    If my words don't have rhyme or rhythm I just grunt 'SO WHAT!
    I refuse to write one, poems just aren't cool
    So teacher, you can't make me because I don't go to school!"

    Have fun writing Georgia!

    (Posted on 2012-05-21 12:11:00 by Angela)
  70. Hi Bob,
    Thanks so much for the heads up about the typing mistake in 'I Can't'. I've corrected it now so you can enjoy it the way it's meant to be read. I think you'd make a great proof reader with attention to detail like that Bob. Let me know if you spot anything else: I spend so long typing that I need someone to see it with fresh eyes!
    Thanks again. Enjoy!

    (Posted on 2012-05-21 12:05:00 by Angela)
  71. Congratulations Jessica, I'm so pleased for you (and the now famous Olly!) I am so happy that I've been an inspiration to you; it makes everything so worthwhile to hear that. Keep up the good work; I'd love to read your poem....why not email it to me?
    God bless

    (Posted on 2012-05-21 12:01:00 by Angela)
  72. Hi Mia,
    I'm so glad that you're inspired to write and I really wish you well in your hopes to become an author. Remember that you can be a great writer without being a famous or 'successful' author. Everything that you write is special and can be effective and powerful, so keep writing, and MAKE SURE YOU ENJOY IT!
    God bless


    (Posted on 2012-05-21 11:57:00 by Angela)
  73. Hi Emily, Gerogia and Josh,
    All of a sudden my guestbook's got busy when I've taken a weekend off!
    Sorry for ignoring you, I didn't mean to do it. I just have so much stuff to do that I am ploughing through it. But now I've seen your messages, the lovely things you say,: I'm glad you like my poems, this one's just for you today!
    God bless

    (Posted on 2012-05-21 11:51:00 by Angela)
  74. Hi Chelsea,
    So glad your SATS are over and you can relax. Have a great time in Scarborough and I hope the poetic juices are flowing. Thanks for all your messages.
    God bless

    (Posted on 2012-05-21 11:37:00 by Angela)
  75. hears my poem by georgia;
    I realy dont like poems, i dont acctually like them at all but seen as my english teachers makeing me write one, i thought ide give it a shot!
    my name is georgia bradford, im 11 years old, and realy what els can i say, exept this dose'nt rhymb at all!
    If you like plz tell me thx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (Posted on 2012-05-20 20:52:00 by georgia)
  76. Hi just wanted to let you know that my mum and brothers love your books so does my dad even my rabbit charlie he likes the ugly section best [so do i] one day i hope you will be sucsussful as you are now which you are and i know ypou can publish more books i have faith in you !!!!!!!!!!!!! I know you can do it. xx

    Chelsea Marsden xxxxxxxx

    (Posted on 2012-05-19 19:04:00 by your #1 fan)
  77. in the poem i cant youve made a spelling mistrake check it plz so i can keep trusting u

    (Posted on 2012-05-18 21:33:00 by bob)
  78. Today i entered a writeing compertition and won 1st prize, it was a poem about cats (my cat olly) and i said to my mum this is because os Angela Yardy inspireing me.

    (Posted on 2012-05-18 21:19:00 by jessica)
  79. The poems you write are amazeing and one day i want to be just like you a famouse author good luck lots of luck

    M I A !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (Posted on 2012-05-18 21:15:00 by mia)
  80. I think your poems or good josh age 7

    (Posted on 2012-05-18 21:13:00 by josh)
  81. I think your poems or good josh age 7

    (Posted on 2012-05-18 21:13:00 by josh)
  82. I love your books there AWSOME!!! lots of love your no 1 fan emily thompson!!!!!

    (Posted on 2012-05-18 21:12:00 by emily)
  83. Dear Angela;
    Your poems are very good and i hope you become very succsesfull for them. I told some of them to my sister and she couldnt stop laughing. She realy likes your poems too! Finally my mum is getting me your new book as a friend of mine said it is brill, and i just know that she is right. thankyou for your time, and good luck!

    yours faithfully

    (Posted on 2012-05-18 21:09:00 by georgia)
  84. hi its chelsea marsden from y6 i have done my sats this week they where a bit hard but i suvived it and next week we are off to scarbra 4 5 days cant wait but all i will be thinking og is how i have done on my sats i think i would do ok hopefuly . plus miss allen is marking our writing sats so thats very good cos she nos we have put 100 pecent in to every bit wot we have done we no she thinks that cos she said it 2 day in assembly we all got a sticker so i was not really cosontrating on pomes at that point sorry xxxxxxx but i have put my head in the game now and i am going to write a couple in scarbrough xx cant wait see u soon hopefuly xxxx

    chelsea xx

    (Posted on 2012-05-18 18:53:00 by chelsea Y6)
  85. You're very welcome David. The celebration poems and songs have been very well received since I wrote them a year or so ago and I love to think of them being performed and enjoyed as I intended. Keep me informed on the resources pack and I look forward to seeing it complete.
    God bless

    (Posted on 2012-05-05 07:37:00 by Angela)
  86. Thank you for making available your wonderful ministry of celebration poems and songs. We hope to use more of them in our resources pack obviously including your details/website etc. keep up the good work.

    (Posted on 2012-05-05 06:50:00 by David Turner)
  87. Hi Sharlene,
    I'm so glad it's been helpful, and I'm thrilled that you are introducing your 5 & 6 year olds to poetry. Keep up the good work and I'll do my best to keep helping!
    God bless


    (Posted on 2012-05-04 23:22:00 by Angela)
  88. Hi Lahana,
    Glad you like it. I think you'll know who is based upon!
    Love Aunty Ange

    (Posted on 2012-05-04 23:20:00 by Angela)
  89. Hi,

    Your poem 'Seaside Senses' has just saved my Literacy lessons!!! I am a teacher of 5-6 year olds and have really been struggling to find any inspiring and suitable seaside poems to teach poetry. The poem is lovely and I will be able to plan some really lovely activities around it. Thank you so much! :-)

    (Posted on 2012-05-03 12:05:00 by Sharlene)
  90. hi i love badly mladly mloon

    (Posted on 2012-05-02 15:36:00 by lahana vardy)
  91. Hi Chelsea,
    Glad you like it, but don't do yourself down. Just keep using your talents and building on them and you'll constantly improve. Mother's day is the perfect opportunity, and the personal touch is always extra special.
    God bless

    (Posted on 2012-03-15 23:26:00 by Angela)
  92. hi read all your book realy good. i can not do better than u ever.remember iam your my #1 fan x

    (Posted on 2012-03-15 19:13:00 by chelsea from ashwood)
  93. Hi Lauren,
    I'm just waiting for a date from school, so check with the school office and they'll keep you informed. I have a note book ready for you as promised, so I'll bring it you even if I don't get the call back.

    (Posted on 2012-03-13 22:08:00 by Angela)
  94. thank you for coming to our school ill get your book as quick as i can and thank you for mentioning me in assembly. When are you coming back to look at my poem book because i cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (Posted on 2012-03-12 15:56:00 by lauren (pupil from rosehill))
  95. thank you for coming to our school ill get your book as quick as i can and thank you for mentioning me in assembly. When are you coming back to look at my poem book because i cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (Posted on 2012-03-12 15:56:00 by lauren (pupil from rosehill))
  96. Hi Joe,
    It was lovely to come to your new school. I'll see you again soon
    God bless

    (Posted on 2012-03-06 16:45:00 by Angela)
  97. hi anty angeir can you come to are howes soon. my mummy is still wercin on jace and the beenstorkc and I wood Like to come to visit you too.
    xxx from joe

    (Posted on 2012-03-01 08:21:00 by joe draycott)
  98. Hi Ammad,
    So glad you like them, and I promise there are more to add to the site, but I am so busy working on my new site that I haven't had time to add them yet! My poetry started off as a simple hobby, and thanks to the feed back from people like you, has become so much more worthwhile than I ever dared imagine, so I've not caught up with myself yet as I am constantly trying to make improvements and respond to requests. It will be worth the wait though, because the new style website will be much easier and more fun to use, and will have a lot more content, so make sure you check back later in the year and let me know what you think of it....

    Okay Ammad? It's not so bad!
    You now have your own poem.
    But as for me; I'm sure you'll see
    It's time that I was going
    I mustn't shirk, I have to work
    I've too much I could mention
    But thank you for your words and your
    Unyielding attention!
    God bless

    (Posted on 2012-02-20 22:20:00 by Angela)
  99. i love all your poems they are just outstanding i wish you made somemore

    (Posted on 2012-02-20 20:58:00 by ammad)
  100. Hi Chelsea,
    Thanks so much for that lovely message. I remember when I was a little girl an old man at church nicknamed me Smiler and it made me very aware of how a smile can make such a big difference, so I am really touched that you see that as my special quality. I can relate to your lack of confidence too, but it's unecessary: you have a very special gift of encouragement and you use words beautifully. I have a poem called "Words" in my book, but I think you already have the wisdom that it speaks of! You will make sure and bring your poems to school for me to read won't you? I'm going to come and have lunch at school so that I can spend some time with you all, and this time I want to finally meet you properly, so introduce yourself and don't be shy! I MUST MEET MY NUMBER ONE FAN!!
    Thanks again, and enjoy the book. Keep writing

    (Posted on 2012-01-23 22:53:00 by Angela)