Hear the galloping feet, as the echoes resound
Of the clippety clop of his hooves on the ground.
Then he slows to a canter, a steadying jog
And he flicks up the soil under foot to a fog.

Then the frolicking stops and he stoops down to graze
As he basks in the sun, and the summer heat’s haze.
With a lift of his head and a shake of his mane
And the recharging finished, he gambols again.

Now he kicks up his heels with excitement afresh.
He unleashes his tail with a rampageous thresh.
The conductor has spoken, the group all join in:
Let the music of dozens of horse hooves begin.

The crescendo builds up as the horses explode
Into raptures of speed in competitive mode;
As the champion leads at the front of the race
So the also-rans follow at quickening pace.

Then as suddenly as the excitement began
So the lead horse dictates to his following clan
And the atmosphere alters, a calmness descends
As the mood quickly changes, the galloping ends.

Now they come to a halt and they gather in groups
While the winning performer addresses his troupes
With his nose in the air and an arrogant “NEIGH”
He has proven his point, and has no more to say!

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