A free verse poem; don't look for rhyme and rhythm on this one!

I see you in the morning mist
that settles tiny droplets of dew
on the spider’s miraculous masterpiece.
An insignificant creature,
Yet you created him
With genius, and fascinating appeal.

I see you deep in the earth;
The soil, the plants, the trees, the seasons –
Where do I stop?!
From the earthworm
to the elephant,
every piece present and
fitting perfectly into
Your endless jigsaw.

I look across the ocean
and notice you wave back.
I hear you in the whispering wind,
the mighty crashing of the surf,
the thunderous echoes of the storm
and the gentle soothing
of the singing larks.

I watch you blend seamlessly into the horizon,
your canvas stretching into the heavens,
painted with perfect
attention to detail.

I see you in my life
when I take the time to look.
I receive your invitation
to everlasting bliss
and look forward to the date
when I will join
the heavenly celebrations.

I very rarely use free verse, but occasionally I just need the freedom to express my thoughts without rhyme. This is one of those rare occasions.

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