You may have never thought of me
Or think I don’t exist;
Like a stream of living water
Gently calling in the mist.

You cannot see beyond the mist,
Yet if it would just part
You’d find the healing touch you need
For your aching heart.

Just have the faith to reach beyond
The darkness that you see.
You take one step, I’ll walk a mile
So that you can meet me.

You don’t need to depend upon
The things you say or do.
Just know that I have always loved,
And always will love you.

Such is the message of my grace
That Jesus came to give.
John 3, 16 says to believe
In Him and then you’ll live.

On earth you will be more alive
Than you have ever been
When the beauty of your Lord
And Saviour you have seen.

The life I give is not simply
Exclusive to this earth;
Through Jesus my son, everyone
Is offered a rebirth.

Just open up your heart to me,
Reach up if you are falling;
My arms are open to you
And I never will stop calling.

I know you and I love you.
Every hair upon your head
Is precious to me, yes my child,
Just as Jesus said.

If you are still uncertain
Please don’t give up on me;
I gave my son for you alone
So that you could be free.

So find out more about me,
The bible is for you.
My words within will tell your heart
Just what you need to do.

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