Lively, leaping lemurs jumping from tree to tree

Furry acrobats performing for all to see

Stripy tails flying through the branches
Oh look at those fancy dancers

Pointy faces peeping through the leafy trees
As they rest their paws on their furry knees

Walking the tightrope with the greatest of ease
As their long fluffy tails sway in the breeze

A walk in lemur woods I would recommend
If you want to meet lots of new furry friends.

Lucy's poem is so effective and packed so full of figurative language that it made me want to see these fabulous animals. I would have been proud to say that I had written this poem myself, and the ONLY thing that I would have changed would be to make the rhythm consistent throughout the poem. Lucy gave me permission to make this alteration to see how the poem would feel if it had a strict metre. I hope you like the effect Lucy; the poem is still yours, but with the benefit of a regular metre, called Iambic Heptameter

Come see the lively, leaping lemurs jump from tree to tree  
These furry acrobats perform for everyone to see.

Above, the stripy tails fly through branches all around  
Those fancy dancers prancing as we watch them from the ground 

Their pointy faces peeping through the green and leafy trees 
Meanwhile they rest their fingered paws upon their furry knees.

They walk the tightrope without thought, and with the greatest ease 
Their long and fluffy tails swaying gently in the breeze. 

A walk in lemur woods is something I would recommend 
If you would like to meet this band of special furry friends. 

When you look closely, the entire content of the poem is exactly the same; I have neither added nor taken away any details, but have just changed the order of the words or lengthened sentences to fit a specific metre (rhythm) called the Iambic Heptameter (it sounds like a clever, showy phrase, but it's simple to understand if you look at this link on rhyme and metre!)

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