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Poetry for beginners, teachers and children

Copyright Angela Yardy 2010

My Beautiful Nephew

Born 13th April 2011

Look at his face, so perfectly formed
His beautifully sweet button nose
And look how he curls up those delicate hands
Such lovely cute fingers and toes.

Welcome little angel into my world of bliss;
I never would have thought that I could love as much as this.

He’s perfect, so gorgeous, just look at his lips
So lusciously faultless and thin;
His smooth chubby cheeks, his miniature ears,
His precious and strokeable chin.

Welcome little treasure, my piece of pure gold
How perfectly adorable and wonderful to hold.

He’s peacefully resting, just look how he sleeps
His little left arm in the air
So blissfully blind to the joy that he’s caused
So innocent and unaware.

Welcome little miracle, I’ll do my very best
To be a blessing to you for you’ve made me feel so blessed.

Bursting with love

Aunty Angela


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