I have a hero called the Reverend Martin Luther King.
He lived and died with just one goal of changing everything.
He knew his mission would entail astounding personal cost,
But purely thought of all around him and what they had lost.

He saw the persecution and cruelty to men,
And set out to find ways to bring equality to them.
He found some clever, peaceful ways to bring about the changes,
And then somehow he commandeered the help of total strangers.

That’s what I find amazing, the way he used his voice
Within his church, to tell the people that they had a choice.
They could continue to submit, or otherwise could riot:
Instead he taught them patient ways of protesting in quiet.

It must have been so difficult to boycott public transport;
A long-term personal sacrifice. We never really give thought
To how exhausting that it must have been for them to do;
For months, on top of all the extra labour they did too.

And how astounding that he could inspire their trust and hope
Enough to give them energy to persevere and cope.
It’s said he knew that one day he was likely to be killed,
And yet it would be worth it if his dream could be fulfilled.

So God bless Martin Luther King for giving up his life
To save so many others from suffering and strife.
He channelled righteous anger into peaceful people power
Instead of using violence to bring about his hour.

Eventually, because of him, the value of each race
No longer was dependant on the colour of their face.
We must remember him and the example that he set,
For all the world owes him, forever, an enormous debt.

Despite its faults, because of him, it is a better place
Now that the world has been touched by his precious love and grace.
So next time something bothers you, don’t sit around and moan
Like my hero, take charge and try to change it on your own.

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