Write a letter poem...

From an object, animal, season place etc. to something or someone else.

Eg The Sun to the Night Sky:
Can't you make a bit more effort to brighten up the place,
 I have spent my whole day with a smile upon my face,
You stagger on the earth, with your feeble starlight wink,
And all my effort's wasted and gone in just one blink

This automatically gets the writer into the mindset of personification as the object has a voice and thoughts and feelings to express. Try to emphasise that the idea is to get some human behaviour and verbs into the conversation, not simply to make the object talk.

NB. I would suggest that, rather than trying to make this a rhyming poem you could concentrate on emotion and interest and look at the link to "Free Verse" to see how to set out the end result as a poem.

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