The following image (don't worry if it takes a few seconds to appear) is a shape poem based on Autumn. It is very different from my other shape poems, as it uses lots of random, independent thoughts about autumn which have then been placed on the page as a picture, creating what is otherwise known as a calligram. A skeletal tree is a good idea to use for children to have a go and to use basic descriptions, similes and metaphors to build the branches as it does not have a set shape or size but can be varied as your thoughts progress.

A Handy hint:

It took me hours to type up this poem on the computer; don't be fooled into thinking it makes it easier!

Do a very quick basic draft of ideas and write/ draw it on paper to see where the difficulties might be, and then do a final copy when you've learned by your mistakes! Handwritten shape poems are easier to adapt and place the letters where you want with varying spaces and letter sizes. If you still don't believe me, just promise me that when you've got bored and annoyed at your attempt on computer like I did, you will then try following my advice afresh so that you can enjoy shape poems the way you're intended to!

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