Beware the Knicker Nickers

Aliens stole my sister’s bra (a)
She's still inside it; how bizarre! (a)
Now Dad's chasing in the car (a)
But she's so heavy,they'll not get far. (a)

The Life Cycle of A Butterfly

"I'll land and lay my egg upon (a)
This luscious leaf of green" (b)
Said Mum, the lady butterfly, (c)
As she purveyed the scene. (b)

 Cobwebs are a lovely sight for everyone to see
(Or maybe flies and cleaners would have cause to disagree)
 But generally their beauty is a wonder to behold
When morning dew descends and makes them shine like glistening gold
 Even when the dew has gone they are a fascination
 Beauty such as theirs a work of art within creation
 Spiders, on the other hand, I have to say I CANNOT STAND!

Millicent the Millipede

Moving her body with rippling progression,
Inviting each foot to join in the procession,
Creating a Mexican Wave with her feet
Is Milly the many-footed millipede.

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