I’m bubbling with excitement. There is no time to lose
I cannot wait to share with you my very special news....

Tonight my friends in Rotherham, the town of my own birth
Were kind enough to give a great big boost to my self-worth!

It felt as though they’d wrapped a box of pride so beautifully
And topped it with a shiny bow, then offered it to me.

And best of all, I shared my moment with a special crowd
Of people who consistently made everybody proud.

So thankyou for acknowledging my work; I’m on cloud nine
But truthfully I have to say, the honour is all mine

For Rotherham is worthy; with its people by my side
I’ll wear my title “Rotherham Ambassador” with pride.

To all of my supporters who weren't with me to see
For what it's worth, in my heart, you were standing there with me.

pps Congratulations to all my fellow Rotherham Ambassadors, particularly my son Bradley who, I am very proud to say was independantly nominated, and made a much better speech than me!

Angela Yardy A Rotherham Learning Ambassador!

Thankyou to Mr Parton, the Headmaster of Swinton Fitzwilliam Primary for nominating me for the award.