SEE the waves jumping and tumbling around
With childish excitement they playfully bound.

HEAR them explode with an almighty roar
As they bounce on the bed, and then fall to the floor.

FEEL the warm sand as it creeps through your toes
The heat of the sun as your rosy tan glows

TASTE the salt water and holiday air
The sweet SMELL of freedom and life without care.

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This is when words are used beginning with the same initial letter.


..bounce on the bed fall to the floor sweet smell

Word Play

Using a phrase with 2 different meanings

bounce on the bed fall on the floor (I am of course referring to the phrases 'sea bed', and the 'floor of the ocean', but we often talk of children bouncing on the bed and falling to the floor so this double meaning to the phrases makes the image more descriptive. It also therefore again makes us think of the waves' behaviour as human.)

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