Similes are when something is likened to something else

For example: As smooth as a baby's bottom
  Like a candle in the darkness

A metaphor instead of just likening something, says it is the same.

  For example: The lion is the king of the jungle
Your room is a pigsty

However, a metaphor can be a little bit more subtle than the two examples above. The words is, was, are etc are not necessary, just the comparison of one thing to another as if it were a fact:

  For example: He had met some interesting characters on his journey of life.
  He hoped that this job would be a stepping stone to a new career
  Why did he have to have a big baby for a sister?!
  The long arm of the law finally caught up with him.

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Examples of simile and metaphor poetry

Talk to adults and ask them for some old sayings. That's where all of the sayings for my "Gran and Grandpa's Sayings" poem came from.

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