My goal is to be

the richest person
who ever lived.

I aspire to be great in humility and lowliness
To be rich in appreciation, love and joy.
To have a treasure chest full of special memories
To invest in people and reap incredible rewards
To amass a collection of thank yous,
And ensure a good return on the people I’ve taken a gamble on
To earn love and affection from all the special bonds I have
To be dripping in golden thoughts and positivity
To achieve fame and notoriety as my alias ‘someone’
To build an empire of like-minded volunteers
To know that the world’s a better place because of my existence.

Then I’ll be the richest person in the world.
That’s my business plan.
I’m looking for investors;
Do you want in?

You may have already noticed how much I love rhyme and rhythm, but this is one of those occasions when I felt that "Free Verse" would be better. Notice how it gives so much freedom to play with words that have two different meanings.

I remember reading this poem for the first time to my daughter and noticing her surprise at the opening sentence, until I read on and she recognised the real meaning of what I was trying to say!

Word play like this can be great fun, but thinking of the idea in the first place is usually the hardest part. I tend to happen upon an idea by accident and make a note for when I have time to try writing a poem.

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