A labyrinth, unlike a maze, has only one route to follow, with no wrong turns or dead ends. Therefore, no matter how complex the labyrinth looks, the only thing that is needed is the courage to start. Anyone who follows the path is guaranteed to reach the end goal.

I started a labyrinth journey
The day when I noticed my God.
I watched other Christians first though
And at times, their behaviour was odd.

They started their mission by heading
With confidence towards their goal,
While nervously I kept my distance
Yet longed for my God, heart and soul.

Then strangely, at times, while I watched them
They started to head the wrong way,
Their back to the central focus
Causing an endless delay.

But then as I watched them in earnest,
Faithfully walking, I found
That any who stayed on the pathway
Soon enough turned back around.

Thankfully once more they headed
Forwards, their goal now in sight.
I watched from the edge as a fledgling
Prepares for the moment of flight.

But no! There’s an obstacle there now:
Someone is stood in their way!
Distracted, forgetting their mission
They halted: rain had stopped play!

Their focus now briefly deflected
With panic, they headed away
So once again, mission abandoned,
Dejected….. another delay!

This pattern just kept on repeating;
Each time that the goal was in sight
Something would cause them a problem,
Badly affecting their plight.

But finally with perseverance,
And patience, and staying on track
No matter what stood in their way
The labyrinth always led back.

I realised shortly, by watching,
That God’s path is not like a maze
Which leaves you to chance, simply wandering
Among the dead ends and wrong ways.

No, thankfully, God’s path is more like
Walking a labyrinth track
It only has one way to follow
Regardless of any setbacks.

There’s no need to fear getting started
There’s no chance of losing your way.
Just ask God to show you directions
And follow his path day by day.

The lab’rinth may look overwhelming
But actually leads to the heart
So anyone choosing to follow
Must just find the courage to start.

So back to the Christians’ journey
I’d watched them reach glory, and bliss
I knew that the thing that I’d searched for
All of my life had been this.

So finally, plucking up courage
I knew it was time to decide
And started my labyrinth journey
With Jesus along by my side.