Please feel free to use this in your own Christmas Nativity. One of the children at our church read it to round up the message at the end.

The Full Christmas Story
By Angela Yardy of

The Christmas nativity tells us
A sweet version of a true tale
It’s a story of humble beginnings
With a meaning which goes off the scale.

We’re reminded that Jesus is Saviour
He’s Lord of all, yet came to earth
As a person, to live life as we do
And offer us all a new birth.

Though we celebrate his birth at Christmas
He did not just stay a sweet child,
But grew up and suffered real hardship;
This baby we call "meek and mild".

Yes! Christmas is just the beginning.
That’s not all that God had in mind;
For He sent his son Jesus to die
On a cross to save all of mankind.

We must understand the true meaning
Of Christmas: It’s full of God’s love.
As Jesus our Lord and our Saviour
By choice, left his throne up above.

The angels foretold it would happen
And Jesus fulfilled his own plan
As the story continued to Easter
When the punishment, He took, for man.

So when we all open our presents
Let’s try to accept the best one
The gift from our Heavenly Father
To us, of Jesus, God's son.

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