Guard your heart always, for there you will find
That delicate feelings and thoughts are entwined.
Each must be tended and nurtured and fed
Or weeds can develop and grow there instead.
Resentment and bitterness grow if unchecked
So don't give them room: sow love and respect.
Ungracious giving and hurtful disdain
Trample on friendships and introduce pain.
Plant there instead some patience and care
And let them grow blessings for all to share.
Weed out your anger; instead, in its place
Grow real understanding and God-given grace.
Leave room for forgiveness to blossom and flourish
(Feeding it prayerfully keeps it well-nourished).
Add in a centrepiece (one from above)
To water your heart with a fountain of love.
Watch as the kindness develops and grows
And blooms with the beauty and scent of a rose.
Colour with thoughtfulness and, over time,
Your heart will display an exquisite design.
Regular maintenance, with extra measures,
Will brighten your garden, exposing its treasures.
Keep out the rubbish, the weeds and the mud
And all things that damage the overall good.
Guarding your garden with loving attention
Will bring your heart into a whole new dimension.

A happy heart makes the face cheerful. Proverbs 15 verse 13

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