She looks upon the earth below
With smiling eyes and cheeks that glow,
Nurturing the things that grow
Her face lights up the world.

In winter when the weather’s bleak
She’s often playing hide-and-seek
And from behind the clouds she’ll peek
To check that you’re still looking.

At night, when all is dark, she sleeps
Behind the moon till morning creeps
Upon us all, then out she peeps
To welcome a new day.

1) Do you know what this poem is about; what is being described?

2) Why do you think that the poet chose to use 'she' and not 'he'?

3) What examples of personification can you find?

4) "Nurturing" is a strong verb which means that it paints a clearer picture than a weak verb, and has a deeper meaning, ie, it is more effective. What does "nurturing" mean and why do you think that it is an appropriate word?

5) Look at verse 3. Choose one of the following words:
and explain why these words are good words to use in this way.

This is a great poem for teaching personification to children. Many children automatically relate to the sun as a smiling face, so this poem introduces personification to them using this idea. Why not print the poem off WITHOUT the title then use the questions below to study it more closely. The answers are on this link:

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