Sideways is a sorry word,
So often it’s neglected
Why is it left alone when
Up and down are both selected?

It’s left out at the sidelines
When phrases pick their teams
They always seem to choose directions
Just for their extremes.

Why do we all “shut up”
Instead of saying “shut sideways”?
Let’s drop “pipe down” today and make
 “Pipe sideways” a new phrase!

If someone’s feeling sideways
(See, that’s like they’re feeling down)
Let’s brighten their day sideways
To help them to lose their frown.

So, from today, no washing up;
Just washing sideways now.
The bread’s no longer cut up;
Cut it sideways now, that’s how.

Why can’t a car break sideways?
Why be picked up at all?
I’d like to be picked sideways
So the word won’t feel so small?

It’s time we helped this word to feel
A little more respect
Give it some self importance
That’s the least it should expect.

We could all give a helping hand
By starting a new craze
And if we do I reckon things
Will start to look sideways!

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