Again Kane, you've written about something that you clearly love and understand. You've captured the atmosphere of the match perfectly with so much expression and anticipation. The middle couplet is my favourite in the way that it hints at the uncertainty of the game, and you feel the emotion of the crowd, until the very last moment. Finally, what a clever ending! The suddenness of those two simple words "90 minutes", followed by "the whistle blows" adding to the tension and then the realisation that the game has ended WELL DONE KANE, I love it!


Kicking, swirling all around.
Hear the cheering from the crowd
Descend, until the end.

The ball went in the net,
But it isn't over yet!

90 minutes.....
The whistle blows,
Then the ball goes.


This is a great, fun poem Lucie and really made me laugh. Just like all the great poets, you took the experience and topic of the day and let it inspire you to write with fantastic rhyme and rhythm, creating a funny story poem with excellent, descriptive imagery. (I'm just sorry that I couldn't include your excellent artwork too; you are clearly a creative poet) FANTASTIC LUCIE: I LOVE IT!

Circus Accident: The Trapeze Artist

I can juggle with eggs
while I hang by my legs
from the height of the flying trapeze,
I can tickle my nose
With the tips of my toes...
I'm going to sneeze!

Lucie White Class 4

Winter Turning to Spring...

As the winter starts to fade,
The animals come out to play.
Spring will come alive,
And so will the bee hives.
The dawn chorus sings its best,
while the birds come out their nest
Mother nature wakes again
As the rabbits come out their den.
Winter is no more:
Spring is at your door!

Rosie Rowlands

Chelsey, this is a fantastic list poem with excellent rhyme and rhythm. You have used some superbly expressive vocabulary to create a beautifully uplifting, positive poem with a lovely message. I especially like the way that the poem changes the rhythm and style at the end as soon as the list element ends and the 'don't's stop: all the negatives stop and the opportunity begins. A FANTASTIC POEM CHELSEA: KEEP WRITING!

My Dog

My dog Chas rides a skateboard
I sit and watch him on guard.
He plays with his toys
and chases the boys.
He eats his food
And looks cool, like a dude.


DJ, this is so cleverly written! I love the opening line and the fact that you have introduced it in the style and with the excitement of the ringmaster.....and then it turns!!!! You've built up the tension and scary atmosphere perfectly before the superb ending. Again, the final line is so clever as it is usually a catchphrase for a special exciting occasion, but you've given the phrase a clever spooky twist, especially with the tension filled elipsis at the end..... WELL DONE DJ....I THINK....aaaaargh!!!

Tigers, bears, acrobats and a clown....
Everybody: The circus is in town!
The ring-master's mad, and full of fun
(But after dark, you'd better run!)
He'll lock you up, in a box, so tight
Until you grow into an awful sight.
You'll cry and scream, and when you're all lonely
You'll be lucky you're alive