This was a job done by the youngest of the Victorian poor children. Victorian children could expect to work 12, or even 18 hours a day down the mines.

A Trapper Boy's Day

Cold, dark and lonely
If only….If only what?
I know nothing else.

Haiku poem

These poor victorian children had to sit in the dark tunnels waiting to open the door to let the coal carts (pulled by 'hurriers' ) through, and to keep the air circulating around the tunnels to avoid any build up of dangerous gases. Working every day except Sunday, from morning until night a child knew nothing but work and sleep. He or she would only ever see daylight on their day off, which would be over so quickly. This is why I have used the haiku form for these trapper boy poems as it is short and has very little to say!

A Trapper Boy's Day Off

Sunday : Sunlight day
Back down the mine tomorrow
Monday’s here so soon.

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