The Tudors ate fresh food as much as possible as they could not preserve food for long, so the rich kept animals and birds on their estates and lived off the meat. They didn't like vegetables, so left the poor people to grow and eat them. Other than that the poor ate pottage, which was a type of homemade soup.
Sugar had just been discovered and was very expensive so the rich ate lots of it, and ladies often blackened their teeth to make people think that they could afford lots of sugar (they knew that it rotted the teeth!


Status was important to the tudors, and one way that they could demonstrate their wealth was by having lots of glass windows. Glass was so expensive that some families would remove it and take it with them if they moved house.
Poor people couldn't afford glass, so just had shutters at the windows.
Often, just looking at the windows of a mansion will tell you how a room was used (the servants quarters will have less windows)

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