I wonder what makes a professional;
Where does a professional start?
Could the answer be all in the practice,
Or could it be all in the heart?

Is it purely about having talent,
Or is attitude what matters most?
Can I win by being determined,
Or practise to the winning post?

Do athletes all get a gold medal,
Or succeed to the level they choose?
If they don’t get to stand on the rostrum
Do they necessarily lose?

If my poems never get published
Do you think I should put down my pen,
As I vow that my poems are rubbish
And I won’t ever write one again?!

Or would that be what makes a loser;
The willingness to just give in,
Instead of defiantly trying
And blindly pursuing a win?

In fact, no-one has become an expert
Without starting as a beginner.
Whenever you lose and keep trying
You’re closer to being a winner.

Your failure increases experience
As your knowledge expands and improves,
So next time you’re given a target
You’ll achieve it in much fewer moves.

In short, for you to be a winner
You start out in life like the rest,
Then unceasingly apply talent
And with self belief, aim to be best.

That way, if you don’t achieve glory
Regardless of how hard you try,
You’ll always be proud of your efforts
And know you can hold your head high.

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